When did we stop thinking deeply about the world around us?

deeply about nothing is an attempt to slow down our brains. To take in the world around us at a different pace. To take refuge in time, in context, in connection.

It’s a collection of essays and memoirs from Serena Chen, a physicist-turned-designer thinking about security, trust, and how technology interacts with the world.

Every day, we are bombarded with the mental equivalent of fast food. Bits of high-calorie information, lighting up our mammalian brain without us having to truly engage with real people; real ideas.

Slowly, we can rehabilitate our addicted brains. Slowly, we can remember what it’s like to think without the noise.

The posts you find here won’t be short, high-calorie junk. The idea is to embrace time, embrace context, and embrace deep dives. Posts come about once a month.

I hope you’ll take the time to join me.

For an RSS-friendly feed, a copy of all my letters are posted at https://serena.nz/writing/