If things can always be worse, then things are never too far gone to be worth saving.

August 2020

Time in a hospital is contained in an event horizon of its own dimension. It warps in strange ways that can’t be explained by gravity.

January 2020

It’s been x days since the New Year and y has already happened. Welcome to 2020! Australia is on fire. The US is pushing war with Iran, while the rest…

December 2019

On memory and physical place

October 2019

On reality, culture, and simulation.

August 2019

Ten years ago, I was determined to become a scientist. I could imagine nothing better than spending my days buried in books, staring at the heavens…

July 2019

Illustration by the amazing Pepper ❤︎ ✧ The year 2000 was a time of beginnings. J.Lo’s “Waiting For Tonight” pulsed through the charts, ushering in a…

June 2019

Sometimes, when the noise of every day life becomes a bit too much, I like to step back and imagine myself observing the world as if I were a historian…

May 2019

The realisation that lifted me out of the rut

April 2019

An escape to a mysterious man's journey south

March 2019

Illustration by the amazing Pepper <3 Two years ago, I was asked to write a short piece on my experiences being a Chinese-New Zealand woman. I wrote a…

February 2019

Beautiful-as-always illustration by Pepper <3 In a bold move, Pintrest has blocked search results for terms that are known to proliferate anti-vax…